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The Sweetest Love Story

This story will take you on a journey of delight and fill your heart and soul with warm gooey love.
To begin, walk to the post box outside McColls and the first chapter will open.
Chapter one

The first meeting

It was over a Peanut butter edition KitKat Chunky that our lovers met. There was only 1 left on the shelf and as both of them reached out to grab it, their hands met. Normally the polite reaction is to recoil in fear of offending the stranger you have made contact with but for some reason, both of them felt a compulsion to keep their hand still and enjoy the moment. Without saying a word they carried the KitKat Chunky to the counter, each supporting their fair share of the weight, and they paid for it.
Chapter two

Ferris Wheel

Chapter three

Hungry Catapillar's adventure

His first chomp
Standing with your back to McColls, turn 90 degrees right and walk downhill toward the Tobacco Factory
Chapter four

The first drink

Our new pairing of hearts had yet to say one word to each other but they both knew that the other loved a pint of Sunrise ale. Continueing to the bar the magical barman seemed to know, he recognized the look in the lover's eyes. He had seen it before in Richard and Judy. The boy opened his mouth to speak and "Shu.." interupted the barman, "I know exactly what you want" and he delivered them 2 pints of the nuttiest, most refreshing ale available.
Continue in the direction you were travelling, past Tobacco Factory, downhill staying on the right-side footpath
Chapter five

The first yeast

It is an important moment in any relationship when you understand the sensitivity of yeast. The active ingredient in bread-making tons of the stuff can be found in Marks Bread across the road. Just remember that!
Continue in the direction you have been travelling, downhill on the right-side footpath
Chapter six

Their first dance

Entering the hotbed of Salsa passion that is El Rincon the spanish bar, the two flighty cupid victims trotted their toes back and forth across the dirty wooden floor boards, sangria spilling down like the glances of their eyes on each others bodies. Writhing and twirling each was like a pantha, expressing their agility. This lasted hours before they felt the need to be free in nature.
Continue on the right side pavement following the road as it bares to the left. Past the first park entrance and keep going until the GRAND park entrance.
Chapter seven

Their first kiss

At the grand entrance to the gate the stared into each others eyes and kissed! No stone pillars could hold back the feelings these 2 had for each other. They pounced into the park and ran like a Labrador chasing a tennis ball.
Enter through the gate and take a right, follow the path until it turns right, you are looking for some fallen tree trunks.
Chapter eight

Their first rest

Now tired from drinking, dancing, kissing, chasing tennis balls, and on a come-down from the KitKat chunkys they sat and watched the sun go down. Keeping each other warm with a small blow torch that they found in the back of a builders van earlier in the day.
As you sit on the bench, to your left you can see an exit from the park at the top of a little hill. Go there and look for a green man and a red man.
Chapter nine

Do not cross

It can be tempting to cross the road, but it is important not to. A path is for following and blah blah blah.... something
Turn away from the crossing and go along Frayne Road until the give-way line. You are looking for a curve-fronted building.
Chapter ten

Their first home

Later in life this interesting shaped curved building that used to be the gatehouse became their home. They had millions of babies which was approapriate because they needed an army of children to train as fighters to ward off the impending zombie apocolypse.
Go back the way you first came, up the hill, back toward the tobacco factory.
Chapter eleven

Their first argument

Under pressure from providing for so many kids, and sick of her sad face, he used some duct tape to stick her to the wall, hoping it would cheer her up, she was still sad. Oh dear, said the man, I've made a mistake, how about we just get a pint of Sunrise instead? She said yes.

The End.
This is the end of our trail, continue back up the hill to where we started and remember the tail of the sweetest love story.
Chapter twelve

Joe Blogs

Chapter thirteen

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