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Hungry Devs

Chapter one

The Time Cometh for Food

When the clock strikes 12:45 the hardy young team of developers have already been clucking for salty fulfillment for gone 60 minutes.
Chapter two

The Insecure Church

The local amateur developer cares not for internet security. Or rather it is fairer to say they have not the knowledge to care. For one such keen bean has produced a website for this church whose admin area does not require a username but only a password and the number of times which you may attempt to guess the password are like the omnipotent one himself, unlimited.
Chapter three

Deserted Hall of Follicle Control

This shrine to a once important service is maintained by the local council as an educational artifact before all the women of Westbury Park had their hair replaced with plastic helmets.
Chapter four

Kingdom of Posh Olives

Raise your eyebrows high. Higher! Higher still! Well if that's the best you can manage then you don't deserve to walk around the sacred maze of rich overprices food. Be gone.
Chapter five

Mini Roundabout

This mini roundabout was the location where the frankfurter was invented
Chapter six

Avoid Eye Contact

The big issue ghost child stands perfectly contented, expertly concealing her evil plan.
Chapter seven

Arrival at the holy fryer

And with those final steps our intrepid adventurists reach their reward. Chips.
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