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Brunel Trail

Welcome to the wildest, wackiest fun-filled walk you will ever encounter. It's educational too!
Chapter one


This is a test story. Do not follow under any circumstances or instant death will occur. Fact.
The busy road with the smell of chip shops is North Street. You need to head toward the hills.
Chapter two

The smokey whiskers

Brunel loved a good smoke in the morning. And the afternoon, infact he carried his pipe whenever he could!
Chapter three

Plastic Education

Brunel constructed this awful plastic box full of kids in 2013 as a joke on the parents of Bristol
Chapter four


Brunel used to get the munchies bad and insisted that there be a convenience store on every street on his walk to work
Chapter five

Cruisin Time

He loved to pick up chicks on his pimpin boat
Chapter six

Last Tango in Bedminster

Brunel loved bacon, which made things hard because he was Jewish
Chapter seven

Fetch me that dog

A strange bunch of people were the Victorians. They invented the game that is known today as 'Hook a Duck', however back then the cranes were 16 tonne steam powered mechanisms and the floating objects were live dogs.
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